Google Pay Tez Shots | Win Money By playing Cricket Game

 Google  Pay Tez Shots:

Google  Pay Tez Shots:

Hi friends in this article, we are gonna give the information about Google  Pay Tez Shots:
It is a game published by the Google Pay app. If you have been searching for money earning by playing games. In this app, you can earn money by playing a Cricket game. If you score more you will get a chance to earn more money. Don't worry about the security it is more secure than you think. 

If you play this game Google you will get score if you redeem that score you will earn a scratch card. If you scratch that card you will get money.  If you don't know how to play this game we will give the step by step guide. Many of the people using Google Pay app for money transaction. Now this time google play introduced a cricket game itself. When you are bored play these games and earn money. 

This app has millions of users over the India. It has Millions of downloads in the Play store app. If you have a Google pay App install the app to get this feature. You will have a chance to get a 3300 rupees by scratch cards. 

If you score 50 runs, 100 runs, 150 runs, 500 runs, and 1000 it is a milestone and you would get a scratchcard. To receive those scratch card money please complete the whatever it asks. Don't go back if you couldn't complete the task otherwise the score would not add to the total score. 

Simply follow these steps to play cricket games in google pay Tez. Also refer earning also available in this feature. We will give the link below click on that link to get referring money. Share this link to your friends and family members you will get referring money.


How to Play :

  • Click on the Play button given below to play the game.
  • Before playing this you have to update your Google Pay app otherwise you didn't find this feature.
  • To play this game you have to download and install the Google pay app if you don't have.
  • I think many of the people having a google pay app check your app updated or not. 
  • Instantly the money is credited to your bank account after scratching your scratch card.

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